“The Bright Island Project: for smarter island kids” is an initiative of Negrense Volunteers Foundation, Inc. in cooperation with several government and private sector entities, which creates or supports mechanisms to help insure that children from the poor and marginalized sectors in the islands are provided equal opportunities to learning and educational development that children from the mainland and/or bigger islands enjoy.

Specific Objectives:

1. To insure proper nutritional support for infants and toddlers by providing them with complementary food and other inputs which are necessary for optimum intellectual, social and emotional development at this crucial early and vulnerable stage.

2. To help insure that island children have access to pre-school and Kinder education as close to their homes as possible

3. To help provide island children with easy access to mainland schools so that continued learning is insured whenever educational facilities in their island are no longer sufficient for their needs or age level

4. To help augment school and other learning facilities in the island schools by accessing donations of books and other learning supplies for their use

5. To harness the involvement of volunteers to create and organize activities for the island kids that will help stimulate advancement in all areas of growth and development of the child.

6. To create activities and educational modules for the parents of island kids that will help enlighten them on the need for sound values, proper nutrition, hygiene and other inputs that their children may need as support for their holistic development.

Project Launch on July 21, 2012.


Roma Islet, EB Magalona. Negros Occidental

Day Care

Needs Clean-up


Health Center

Medical Supplies

Dried Fish



Suyac Island, Sagay City, Negros Occidental.

Old Mangrove Tree

2 classroom building


Clearing with white sand

Distribution of recycled bags





Entering the mangrove forest

Fishermens boats

Suyac Island Map


Matabas Island, Sagay, Negros Occidental

Yellowboat of Hope Foundation co-founders Jay Jaboneta and Dr. Anton Lim turned over a motorized boat for Matabas Island and Molocaboc Diut Island children donated by FROMBACOLOD.COM and anonymous donors together with Sagay Mayor Rafael Cueva, NVC President Millie Kilayko and NVC Volunteers and members of the Treasure Of Sagay Outreach Community Program. Before they were given this boat, the children wade through the waters to get to and from their school in the other island (Molocaboc (Dako) Integrated School) some 2 kilometers away.


Molocaboc Dako Island Graoundbreaking of AGAPP Classroom 1

Molocaboc Dako Island of Sagay City is one of the beneficiary of AGAPP Foundation Silid Pangarap thru the facilitation of NVC. The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by AGAPP Trustee Ms. Mariel Tolentino. Construction of the one unit 2 classroom for the school will start last quarter of this year. The donation comes with fixtures, toys, reference books and school supplies for the children. AGAPP has constructed over 400 classrooms all over the Philippines. In Negros Occidental alone 12 classrooms where turned-over to the beneficiary schools over the past 2 years and 8 more in the pipeline before the year ends this 2012. AGAPP is chaired by Ms. Pinky Aquino-Abellada.


Yellowboat turn-over for Roma Children, EB Magalona 1

Yellowboat of Hope Foundation also turned-over 3 more yellow boats for the Roma Islet children of EB Magalona donated by Ms. Connie Sison, Mr. Walter Ramos and NVC EB Magalona chapter headed by Ms. Alaina Oximer. The school children of Roma Islet used to pay boat fare to cross the waters going to their school across another barangay. The principal said that one of the reasons why the children from the islet are always absent was because they do not have enough money for their fare. Now they have a free yellow boat ride, thanks to our donors and the 3 bankeros who signed an agreement that they will offer their services for free for the children.


Groundbreaking of AGAPP Classroom 2 and TOSCOP

TOSCOP (Treasures of Sagay Community Outreach Program) headed by Myrah Hapitan Phillips, an NVC volunteer who is based in Canada also gave pens and pencils to the children of the islands. Born and grew up in Sagay herself, Myrah wants to extend help to her fellow Sagaynons. Representing her are members of TOSCOP in Sagay City.

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