An Early Christmas for Ezekiel

An Early Christmas for Ezekiel

It is never easy for a mother to leave her children but Jelyn had to make that painful decision. The children’s father had abandoned the family and Jelyn who was jobless could not afford to feed her children. When things got so bad that the children attempted to eat a dog’s vomit as it was the only food in sight, Jelyn decided she had to find some work. Unfortunately, the only job she could find was as a stay-in domestic helper in another province. She had to leave young Russel, Regine and Roselyn in the care of their eldest sibling, Ezekiel, who, at 14, was still a child himself.

Jelyn would send home half a sack of rice and some food every payday but it was never enough and although the children would scrounge around for additional scraps of food, they were still malnourished. Roselyn, the youngest, was enrolled in the MingoMeals nutrition program NVC administers for the Provincial Govt of Negros Occidental and that is how we came to meet this family. It was then that the kindhearted elves of NVC began to come up with a clever plan!

With the help of our generous supporters, we were able to help the family out. An NVC elf took the kids for a long overdue doctor’s check-up followed by an exciting adventure to buy slippers, clothing, food and vitamins. The kids even got to have some ice cream! But that was just the beginning. The three eldest children were given Lovebags full of all the school supplies they needed for the year and we arranged for a neighbor to supervise their studies. Our busy elves tracked down Jelyn and found out that though she badly wanted to go home, she could not as she had borrowed money from her employer in order to buy medicine. We facilitated an interest-free pay-when-able loan for her so that she could pay back her employer and come home. But the much-awaited reunion had to be delayed a little longer as she had to undergo quarantine.

Finally, in late October, Jelyn was able to come home! We endorsed some fish peddling tools so that Jelyn could stay home and work in the area. The family was once again complete and it was like Christmas had come early!

Now that Ezekiel no longer has to act as mother and father to his siblings, he has more time to focus on his studies. Perhaps his dream of becoming a policeman will someday come true! In the meantime, he’s been helping his mother with her new fish business.

Your generosity has truly made a difference in this family’s life. Keep watching this story for more developments.