We link young minds to
books and classrooms.

School Support

We build school roofs and walls
in far-flung areas,
and provide young minds
with tools for learning.

Project Overview

NVC Foundation addresses several known shortages and gaps in public schools through educational development programs.

We partner with different donors and institutions to build much-needed classrooms and then monitor their maintenance after turnover. We also conduct teacher training as needed.

To help address the lack of books in public school libraries, our volunteers solicit, sort, and distribute used books from private schools, families and individuals.

Project Details


The School Support Project aims to provide much-needed classrooms and learning tools with a focus on preschool and elementary requirement


To address the classroom shortage, NVC Foundation partners with various foundations and groups to provide classrooms to public schools. NVC’s general scope of work includes site identification, coordination with government officials, overseeing construction, and monitoring the use and maintenance of classrooms after turnover.

NVC Foundation volunteers also solicit used books from private school libraries, families and individuals, and these are sorted and distributed to public schools in need.

Specific needs of schools, students and teachers in communities which NVC Foundation work with are also addressed whenever possible.


If you have any concerns, please send us a Facebook private message or email [email protected] and we’ll respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.