The Mingo Bun—Now Baking in Bacolod!

The Mingo Bun—Now Baking in Bacolod!

How It All Started

Nine years ago, NVC Envoy of Hope Mariel Tolentino asked Carla Lim to create a special bun that would make use of Mingo. Carla was happy to oblige and the owner of the popular Sunny Bakeshop developed a recipe for the Mingo Bun in 2013. A soft pan de sal fortified with malunggay, monggo and rice, the Mingo Bun was a delicious and creative way to use Mingo.

On the Rise in Metro Manila

Busy with other commitments, Carla never got around to mass producing the Mingo Bun. But in May this year, The Bread Project PH commissioned another bakeshop to produce the Mingo Bun using Carla’s recipe (with Carla’s blessing). The Bread Project PH began distributing the Mingo Bun to children in three impoverished communities in Metro Manila. Read about the Mingo Bun in Metro Manila

While the Mingo Bun was on the rise in Metro Manila, we hoped that it would also take off in Bacolod. After all, Bacolod was where the Mingo story began. Lucky for us, Fretzie came to the rescue!

Now Baking in Bacolod

Fretzie Añalucas is a long-time NVC donor and volunteer. This Certified Public Accountant should be in law school now but she has decided to shift gears. She recently turned her passion for baking into a small business and named it The Baker for Good.

The bakeshop was aptly named. This baker has decided to focus on using her bakeshop to do good for others. Fretzie will be supplying non-profit organizations with low cost bread to share with those in need. Her Mingo Buns are sold at P3.50 apiece if purchased for charitable causes. Non-profit organizations and charitable institutions can enjoy this discounted rate.

The Baker for Good’s Mingo Buns normally go for P5.00 each. And for every 4 Mingo Buns sold at full price, Fretzie has promised to donate one bun to NVC’s Nutrition Projects. She will also share profits from her regular priced items with her NGOs of choice. NVC is lucky to be one of them!

A Baker for Good

Another reason why Fretzie called her bakeshop The Baker for Good is because she has decided to bid Accountancy and Law goodbye. She has found her ikigai and wants to be a baker for the rest of her life. Oh, what a whole lot of good this baker for good will do!

For orders, please text (0917) 775-9464 (serving Bacolod and nearby areas).