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Mingo Meals

Mingo is a nutritious instant complementary food made of rice, mongo (mung beans), and malunggay (moringa). 

Each 20-gram sachet is about 80 calories and provides protein, fat, vitamins A, C, B1, B6, potassium, iron, calcium and zinc. It’s mixed with water to make a porridge, soup, or drink. Some children also like it straight out of the pack!

Because of its convenience and nutritional value, Mingo has also gained popularity as emergency food in emergency relief operations and has been used to feed people in disaster or emergency situations in the Philippines.

It is also used for geriatric care and fed as porridge to older people who have a hard time chewing solid food and/or need added nutrition.

With the Food Nutrition and Research Institute of the Philippine Department of Science and Technology as its valued partner, NVC operates a facility licensed by the Food and Drug Administration to manufacture Mingo. 

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