NVC artisans upcycle Nespresso coffee capsules into Christmas ornaments

NVC artisans upcycle Nespresso coffee capsules into Christmas ornaments

Look what’s been brewing in NVC’s artisan workshop… Our artisans have been transforming discarded Nespresso single-serve coffee capsules into beautiful Christmas ornaments. They’ll be ready to decorate your Christmas 2018 trees!

Each ornament is truly trash turned into treasure. These objects will be kept and valued, so the resource-intensive process of recycling ends with your purchase.

These beautiful Christmas ornaments are made from hundreds of used coffee capsules.
Skilled hands save the aluminum capsules from garbage dumps, turning them instead into beautiful keepsakes that will last years.

Donate your used coffee capsules

At this time, we only accept single-serve coffee capsules made of  aluminum or other metals. Unfortunately, plastic coffee pods are not pliable and can’t be used for our crafts. Drop off your capsules at the following locations:

9 Hidalgo
San Lorenzo Village
(Attn: Nena)

San Juan/Greenhills:
Fiesta Greetings Bldg.
160 Alfonso XIII, San Juan
(Attn: Mariel Tolentino)

Unit E124, Tower E-1
Alexandra Condominium
(Attn: Adele Olives)

Ines Moda Infantil
2A Kensington Place
1st Avenue, BGC
(Attn: Joy)

59 Ormoc
Alabang Hills Village
54 Lizares Avenue, Bacolod City (Attn: Hermie)
Island Grill, 4th Floor, Ayala Center Cebu

Each purchase helps others

As with all our Artisans of Hope products, every purchase directly helps the person who made the item, and all proceeds are poured back into NVC’s nutrition and education projects for children in need.

NVC artisans working on upcycled coffee capsule Christmas ornaments

Our coffee capsule ornamentsWatch out for more news about this initiative and when these beauties will be ready for sale!

The Mabbina collection. Mabbina is Irish for happiness. These hanging pieces reflect the smiles and joy of children who benefit from the support of our buyers. Retail price: P150 each
The Rosa Rio collection. Each Rosa Rio ball consists of 135 individually folded aluminum coffee capsules to form these most intricate roses. Retail price: P350 each

The Aurora Astralis or Southern Lights collection. Each piece is a light of hope for the families who benefit from the earnings of our artisans. Retail price: P350 each

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