NVC visits Marawi

Almost one year after we launched our Mingo for Marawi campaign to send emergency relief to evacuees of the conflict-torn Marawi City in Mindanao, NVC had the privilege of meeting our beneficiaries face-to-face and going to Ground Zero of the conflict, where we saw with our own eyes the heartbreaking, lasting effects of war. Wherever[…]

LoveBags and love letters

Reprinted from the Visayan Daily Star. See original article More than 200 volunteers of all sizes and ages gathered to pack 1,500 LoveBags for the Negrense Volunteers for Change at the SM City Bacolod’s Activity Center Saturday. The bags filled with school supplies will be sent to children of indigenous minority communities who walk kilometers[…]

Meet Diego, NVC Ambassador

Juan Diego Barrientos is an awesome teen whom we’re proud to call an NVC Ambassador. Last summer, he spent a portion of his vacation doing volunteer work with NVC, painting Peter Project boats, visiting a Mingo feeding site, and helping out at the Mingo manufacturing plant. He climbed mountains to reach our farmers who provide[…]

Help us raise 3,144 Love Bags for schoolyear 2018

For some children in remote parts of the Philippines, supplies as simple as a pencil or a piece of paper can’t be taken for granted. It’s common for poor schoolchildren to break a pencil into two or three pieces to be shared with others, and to use this until there’s nothing left to write with.[…]

NVC artisans upcycle Nespresso coffee capsules into Christmas ornaments

Look what’s been brewing in NVC’s artisan workshop… Our artisans have been transforming discarded Nespresso single-serve coffee capsules into beautiful Christmas ornaments. They’ll be ready to decorate your Christmas 2018 trees! Each ornament is truly trash turned into treasure. These objects will be kept and valued, so the resource-intensive process of recycling ends with your purchase. Donate[…]

Meet Abram, NVC Ambassador

Abram Karol Bisuña was 11 years and two days old when he was conferred the title NVC Ambassador on January 29, 2018. Abram, who has been diagnosed with high-functioning autism, earned his title because in just a couple of months, through his gift of artistry, he has crafted innumerable cartoons that have both promoted and[…]

Lava spewing out of the crater of the Mayon volcano

NVC launches Mingo for Mayon

Send Mingo Meals to Mt. Mayon evacuees Help feed the Mt. Mayon evacuees by sending Mingo Meals to centers where they’ve taken shelter.  40,000 people are currently in evacuation centers. 20,000 more are expected. Now at alert level 4, the volcano is expected to erupt in a few days. How you can help Each Mingo Meal[…]

154 indigenous children enrolled in 6-month Mingo feeding program

A total of 154 children from the indigenous Tala-andig tribe in Mindanao are off to a brighter, healthier start this 2018, having been enrolled in NVC’s 6-month feeding program. The participants, aged 6 months to 12 years, will be given daily Mingo Meals, NVC’s proven food supplement consisting of rice, moringa (malunggay), and mung beans (monggo).[…]

NVC signs contracts with Negros Occidental small farmers

Beginning January 17, 2018, NVC is signing contracts with 193 Negros Occidental small farmers who till a total of 89 hectares of land in 6 different locations across the province. According to the terms of the contract, the farmers will grow–and NVC commits to purchase–a total of 56 tons of produce to fulfill NVC’s 2018[…]