A special event can be more meaningful when blessings are shared with those in need.


There are so many reasons to celebrate life! Make special occasions more memorable by sharing your blessings with others. NVC can help you organize a meaningful celebration called a Sharelebration.

Here are some ways you can Sharelebrate with NVC:

  • • Have a Facebook birthday fundraiser: Ask your friends to donate to one of our projects instead of giving you gifts.
  • • Sponsor a tricycle and name it in honor of a loved one.
  • • Throw a Mingo ice cream party for young NVC beneficiaries.
  • • Give family and friends beautiful gifts made by our Artisans of Hope.
  • • In lieu of souvenirs, enroll children in a MingoMeals feeding program.
  • • Celebrate your graduation by sponsoring LoveBags and give students the school supplies they need for the whole school year.
  • Volunteer for an NVC project.

The Sharelebration possibilities are endless! Email us at  [email protected] to plan a Sharelebration!

Volunteer for an NVC Project:

Many people find volunteering to be the most fulfilling way to Sharelebrate with us. Click here to find out more about different opportunities to volunteer with NVC!