Make Meals Nutritious with Mingo Gold

Make Meals Nutritious with Mingo Gold

Bake and Cook with Mingo Gold

NVC recently introduced Mingo Gold. Just like Mingo, it’s packed with nutrients from mung beans and moringa. However, Mingo Gold has additional health benefits from brown rice, malabar spinach, jute leaves, orange kamote, mango, buttermilk and skimmed milk! Try both flavors: original and chocolate. Just add water to make a quick porridge for breakfast.

Although Mingo Gold is a meal in itself, it can also be added to dishes to enhance their nutritional value. Top ice cream, cappuccino or steamed milk with a sprinkling of Mingo Gold for a delicious treat!

Use Mingo Gold in your favorite recipes for baked goods for healthier snacks. Add a spoon to of Mingo Gold to cookie batter or try our yummy Nutri-Packed Oatmeal Cookies! The recipe is at the back of every pack of Mingo Gold.

Mingo Gold is also a great addition to savory dishes! One customer told us that her daughter loves pasta or french fries tossed in Mingo Gold.

A group of friends shared that they challenged each other to eat healthy and they did it the easy way: by adding Mingo Gold to their meals. Their latest concoctions can be seen in the photos on the right croquettas, shrimp and chorizo adlai, and adlai paella—all made nutritious by the addition of Mingo Gold!

Get your Mingo Gold from our online store: Food – NVC Foundation – A Philippine Charity ( We ship for free for a minimum order of P3,000.