Mikel Lovina Jamborun 2020 raises 10,036 Mingo Meals for Taal

Mikel Lovina Jamborun 2020 raises 10,036 Mingo Meals for Taal

Mikel Lovina is family to the NVC family. A brother and son who died too young, his family honors his memory on his birthday every year with a fun run, encouraging each other to clock kilometers that they then translate into donations for NVC’s projects. Now, Mikel lives through people who own boats, sewing machines, new homes, pedicabs and tricycles, because his family has embraced our mission with total support. Over the years, even strangers have started participating, running on their own and showing proof of how long they’ve run. 

For 2020, the Lovina family pledged to donate 1 Mingo Meal to a Taal evacuee for kilometer run in Mikel’s name. People from all over the Philippines and as far as Singapore, the UAE, and the US put together a total of 10,036 kilometers!

Thank you to all those who ran, trotted or crawled. Every bit of sweat you shed on January 19 to clock kilometers to trade for Mingo Meals for Taal is a precious legacy of hope for these children.

Video courtesy of Ines Santiago, Mikel’s sister and the organizer of the yearly event

A pedicab named after Mikel, which the family donated two years ago to provide driver Ronnie Serdica livelihood, joined and finished a 9-kilometer run from the town of Murcia to Bacolod City. Ronnie wanted to give back to the Lovina family: to parents Nony and Isa, and to sister Ines, the brains behind the successful Mikel Lovina Jamborun. With the might of Ronnie’s legs, the Mikel pedicab cycled along with the runners from the NVC family. Through Ronnie, Mikel continues to move through this earth, not just once a year when the world runs for a cause in his name but by day, when the pedicab moves to feed Ronnie’s family and provide his children education.

The 30 runners of the NVC Foundation family together contribute 279.9 km to the Mikel Lovina Jamborun and Mingo for Taal. Runners included men and women who have received tools of trade from NVC’s Project Joseph, who didn’t have watches or cellphones with which to measure their run. We’re truly proud of them, who gave up hours of what would have been earning time, to run for a cause. One of them has steel embedded into his leg because of an accident, but he ran just the same.
Joniven Batayola made it first among 53 others in the Murcia-Bacolod leg of the Mikel Lovina Jamborun 2020. Joniven lost almost everything he owned to a fire in 2019, but shortly after, received a pedicab for livelihood from one of NVC’s Project Joseph benefactors. He wanted to return the blessings he received by raising as many Mingo Meals for Taal as he could from kilometers run.
Almost seven years ago, we brought Mingo Meals to Zamboanga for the first time when thousands were displaced due to armed conflict. Many volunteers helped us dispense Mingo to the evacuation sites. When 219 people in Zamboanga ran to earn Mingo for Taal, among the runners were our former Mingo volunteers. Truly, once your heart has sparked for the less fortunate, it will forever spark.