Used Nespresso coffee capsules become fine art at the hands of NVC artisans

Used Nespresso coffee capsules become fine art at the hands of NVC artisans

In the artisan workshop of NVC Foundation, there’s no such thing as waste. These fine art pieces were created using discarded Nespresso coffee capsules, eggshells from local bakeries, and broken tiles. The beautiful scenes depicted in NVC’s Nespresso art celebrate Filipino culture and the importance of nutrition. There’s a breastfeeding mother in every piece. Can you find her?

Proceeds from each piece not only directly go to the artisans who made them, but also fund NVC’s Mingo feeding program. An initial sale of Nespresso art pieces has already enrolled 23 malnourished children in Brgy Puntataytay, Negros Occidental Starting May 22, 2018, they will receive a daily dose of Mingo for 6 months.

Our artisans at work

Donate your used coffee capsules

At this time, we only accept single-serve coffee capsules made of  aluminum or other metals. Unfortunately, plastic coffee pods are not pliable and can’t be used for our crafts. Drop off your capsules at the following locations:


9 Hidalgo
San Lorenzo Village
(Attn: Nena)
San Juan/Greenhills:
Fiesta Greetings Bldg.
160 Alfonso XIII, San Juan
(Attn: Mariel Tolentino)
Unit E124, Tower E-1
Alexandra Condominium
(Attn: Adele Olives)
Ines Moda Infantil
2A Kensington Place
1st Avenue, BGC
(Attn: Joy)
59 Ormoc
Alabang Hills Village


Bacolod and Cebu

54 Lizares Avenue, Bacolod City
(Attn: Hermie)


1Point BDO Doll Building
6th Street, Bacolod City
(Attn: Pete)

Island Grill, 4th Floor
Ayala Center Cebu


Beneficiaries of Nespresso art

Aside from the artisans who benefit from each Nespresso art that collectors acquire, all proceeds of these pieces go back to NVC’s development projects. On May 22, 2018, 23 children with nutritional deficiencies embarked on a 6-month daily feeding protocol of Mingo Meals thanks to NVC’s Nespresso art project. For those of you who supported this project by acquiring our art pieces or donating used Nespresso capsules, thank you in behalf of these 23 hungry little stomachs you help feed.