Sail on, Nelia Jacinto

Sail on, Nelia Jacinto

When Nelia Jacinto passed away late last year, the family requested that sympathizers make a donation to charity in lieu of flowers. NVC, which Tita Nelia (as everyone lovingly called her) actively and ardently supported, was among the list the family suggested.

Always the oldest among our volunteers but youngest in zest and spirit: Nelia Jacinto packing cans of sardines and bottled water for typhoon Yolanda evacuees, stuffing school supplies into LoveBags, sorting Nespresso capsules from her wheelchair, and joining a food trip on board Mingoy, NVC’s food shuttle. It will never be the same without you, everyone’s Tita Nelia Jacinto. Godspeed to our eldest. Watch over us from heaven!

Because of that choice, Tita Nelia now continues to live through NVC’s Peter Project, which provides boats to those in fishing villages who would benefit greatly from having one. Today, two boats carrying her pet names, Queen Nails and Roxie, sail along the waters of Brgy. Banago, Bacolod City, in a community served by the St. Benedict Human Development Foundation, Inc.

The boats also carry the prhase “Ora et Labora” (Pray and Work), the motto of St. Benedict, which also reflects the life Tita Nelia lived in thought, word and deed. It is the same motto that her four daughters, all schooled under Benedictine nuns at St. Scholastica’s Academy, Bacolod, have been taught to live their own lives with as well.

To all of you who opted to allow NVC to serve on behalf of Queen Nails, know that she continues to live and sail because of you.