Thank You, SHOM for the Latest Gift of LoveBags

Thank You, SHOM for the Latest Gift of LoveBags

In 2020, a record number of families were starving as thousands of breadwinners lost their source of income. As a result, NVC choose to focus on the urgent need of feeding those who were hungry. Because of that and because many schools were shut down, we put our LoveBags project on hold. However, we are happy to report that this project is slowly beginning to pick up again!

As a reflection of the times we live in, the LoveBag was given a bit of a makeover. This sturdy backpack used to contain school supplies good for one year. Now it contains hygiene kits in addition to school supplies.

In May this year, 56 LoveBags were given to kids in Sitio Mansalinao, Davao del Norte in memory of an NVC volunteer who had passed away. And in the same month, more kids in Davao del Norte received LoveBags, this time, from the Spouses of Heads of Mission (SHOM). 100 happy kids from Kapogi Elementary School and Kim-Isog Elementary School happily inspected their new LoveBags. 

Our team crossed many rivers and scaled almost vertical slopes to deliver these LoveBags. It was difficult but they kept going because they knew the kids were counting on them.

Thank you to SHOM for sponsoring these LoveBags! This was the latest gift of love that SHOM has given to NVC beneficiaries. In addition to giving LoveBags in previous years, SHOM has sponsored MingoMeals and built classrooms for kids. They have often raised funds in creative ways like strutting down a runway or lighting up a Christmas tree.