The Blessing That Is Balsam

The Blessing That Is Balsam

A Fateful Meeting

In June of 2014, we met Thomas “Mac” Harman. Mac is the CEO and founder of Balsam Brands. At the time, the company specialized in artificial Christmas trees. This e-commerce company has since branched out and now also offers wreathes, garlands, topiaries, lights, candles, and other decorative elements that will keep your space beautiful all year round. True to its roots, the members of the company embody the spirit of Christmas all year round.

Mac sought us out that fateful day seven years ago to learn more about NVC Foundation. Since then, he and his company have proven to be powerful allies in achieving our vision of a Philippines free from hunger and poverty.

A Productive Partnership

When asked to describe himself in a word, Mac chose the word “wholehearted”. We wholeheartedly agree! From project funding to mentorship, Mac has thrown himself into supporting NVC Foundation. Mac on a personal basis, and Balsam Brands, have been solid and consistent sources of aid. Countless times, the company urged its employees (who have become donors and volunteers) to embrace our drives. Balsam Brands is behind so many LoveBags, MingoMeals, Peter Project boats and Project Joseph livelihood tools (sewing machines, pedicabs, water tanks, etc).

Balsam Brands is so involved in the communities it helps us serve that they remember small personal touches like groceries and fruit salad ingredients for 120 families for Christmas. A group of specialists from the Manila office of Balsam Hill even gave us a much-needed SEO workshop to make efficient use of the substantial advertising grant Google had given NVC Foundation. From auctions, to movie premieres, site visits and fund drives, Balsam Brands has been a NVC Foundation’s rock since our partnership began.



A Sibling Is Born!

Mac is largely responsible for the establishment of our sister-foundation: NVC-USA. He and Claire Magat, another Balsam Brands executive, sit on the board of NVC-USA. Our sister foundation turns over 100% of all donations received in their end for us to implement on the ground in the Philippines. Through Mac’s initiative, NVC-USA, received a 501(c)(3) accreditation from the IRS. This allows US-based donors to enjoy tax credits on their donations.

Ending the Day with Gratitude

Before we go to bed, we thank God for all our blessings. One blessing in particular shines bright every night—the blessing that is Balsam.