Twin awards!

Awards for NVC

We have always done our work quietly and simply, without desire for compensation nor recognition. But on April 26, 2014–about three and a half years after NVC was founded–on the same day, at about the same hour, NVC received two awards of recognition for its work:

(1) the Signum La Sallianum Award from the University of St La Salle for NVC’s “exemplary contribution to the betterment of Philippine education and the furtherance of the Lasallian mission of providing quality Christian education to the young especially the underserved and marginalized” and

(2) a Community Service Award from the Locsin Genealogy Foundation for NVC’s “projects in aiding communities in need particularly the Peter Project, which is focused in rehabilitating the lives of the Yolanda typhoon victims.”

Our heartfelt thanks to the University of St. La Salle and the Locsin Genealogy Foundation, and salamat gid to all those who made our work possible (our volunteers, partners and donors) and our Heavenly Father for being with us in our journey.

Millie Kilayko and the NVC team receiving the University of St. La Salle award

Below are excerpts from the commencement address of NVC President Millie Kilayko to the graduates of University of St La Salle Professional Schools, which expresses NVC’s sentiments about the two awards.

“We humbly accept this, not as a pat on our backs, but more as a gentle nudge on our shoulders, pushing us to do more, be more, and live more in the service of others.

We invite you to share our dream of a new country, a new energized nation, that will emerge from a body of educated people, if not in our generation – in the generations to come.

We invite you to help us walk this dream – the way we have always done our tasks: quietly, through small steps, without compensation or recognition.

We invite you to let your hearts glow with this dream.
When you do, as faithful Christians, as true Filipinos, and in the spirit of St La Salle, we will TRULY… live Jesus in our hearts, forever.”

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