Young NVC Volunteer in Focus: TARA

Young NVC Volunteer in Focus: TARA
We recently congratulated NVC Young Ambassador Diego Barrientos on the event of his high school graduation. Diego has been responsible for bringing so many like-minded young volunteers into our fold. One of these is his schoolmate, Tara Tulshyan.
Tara lived in Bacolod until the third grade before she and her family moved to Manila. She grew up hearing about NVC Foundation because an aunt of hers (the late Tess Mamangun) had been an active volunteer. Tara had already sponsored Mingo meals in the past but this year, she decided to take on a more active role in the organization.
This young lady just finished up her sophomore year at International School Manila. Her interests include marketing, finance & accounting, graphic design and writing. She was eager to volunteer her services and we put her to work designing a very special packaging for us!
We can’t give you a preview of what she designed because we don’t want to spoil the surprise! But we guarantee that when you see her work, her cute and quirky graphics will surely POP! Hint: it’s got something to do with a new way of using Mingo!
Even as she prepares to move to London next year, Tara hopes to continue to be part of the NVC family moving forward.