12,000 Mingo Meals raised at ArteFino

12,000 Mingo Meals raised at ArteFino

12,000 Mingo Meals for hungry children in communities we serve, and 30 artisans given livelihood at our  Artisans of Hope workshop…all because:

Some of you came over to the NVC booth and picked out something to bring home.

Some of you spent long hours as volunteer tinderas.

Some of you sent or personally brought over family and friends to our booth.

Some of you carried our parcels, installed art, or efficiently organized the ArteFino fair.

Some of you gave us a good word or lifted our spirits or dropping off Nespresso capsules to prove that you thought of us even while drinking your coffee.

Thank you for having been a part of these four special days in our events calendar. We can only repay you with the smiles of the children we serve.

Celebrity spotting: Thank you Marian Rivera, for spotting us on Instagram, ordering in advance, and visiting us at ArteFino!
You know it’s going to be a good day when the mother of NVC Foundation’s Nespresso art comes visiting, especially on her birthday! To every person who has asked us why we started incorporating Nespresso capsules into our art, we have always pointed to a lady who challenged us with a carton full of empty capsules. Since then, her home has been turned into a drop-off point for capsules (not only from Metro Manila but many parts of the world), her household staff constantly busy washing, cleaning and sorting them according to kind and color. Then she arm twists family and friends flying out to Bacolod to take along her output and these get delivered to our doorsteps sparkling clean. It gave us greatest pleasure in giving Rosario (Nena) Ortoll a closer look at what she has started when she visited us at ArteFino.
16 pairs of hands, 60 days at work transforming 2,310 used Nespresso capsules, tesserae from dozens of eggs, discarded mirrors and chips shaped to form, went into the making of this art piece depicting the Santacruzan, one of the most elegant traditions. And 1,280 Mingo Meals donated to children of impoverished families we serve by the buyer who took this home.