Atty. Eli’s birthday celebration feeds 40 families

By creating a Facebook fundraiser and naming NVC as his beneficiary, Atty. Eli celebrated his birthday by asking friends to gift The Feeding Force meal bags to families whose income sources were compromised because of the COVID-19 crisis, in lieu of personal gifts. So on his birthday this weekend, we made a sign that said “Happy b-day Atty Eli” and delivered to 40 families the provision of 5 meals for a family of 5 that The Feeding Force promises. Each bag included assorted vegetables, dried fish, rice and Mingo Meals.

One family (middle photo), insisted on making their own sign and though they got his name spelled wrong, we were happy to let them hold their personal sign because it came from their grateful heart.

Tonight, and more meals to come, these families will still be feasting on Atty Eli’s birthday treat. Isn’t that a great celebration?