The Christmas gift that’s still giving

The Christmas gift that’s still giving

Meet Wilma, Carmelita, and Anisa. These ladies in one of our communities had sewing skills–but no tools to make a living out of their talent.

Wilma, Carmelita, and Anisa are recipients of sewing machines through NVC's Project Joseph

Last Christmas, a friend of NVC donated sewing machines through NVC’s Project Joseph and worked with us to prepare Christmas cards for her loved ones, telling them that her gift was a sewing machine for someone in need. Project Joseph provides tools of livelihood to those in need.

Personalized Christmas cards for our donor’s gift recipients, telling them that sewing machines were gifted to the three ladies in lieu of a typical Christmas gift.

Two months later, the ladies are making full use of these Christmas gifts and contributing to their family’s income.

Carmelita, pictured here with her son, takes bulk orders for curtains.
Anisa, pictured here with her daughter, alters clothes and makes pillowcaes and potholders.
Wilma sells potholders and doormats.
One of Wilma’s creations: a pretty potholder made of fabric scraps.

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