Lanesra Foundation gifts 18 workers with tools of their trade

Lanesra Foundation gifts 18 workers with tools of their trade

Lanesra Foundation, a nonprofit whose objective is to help individuals become economically self-sufficient, made it a merry Christmas for 18 recipients in Negros Occidental by giving the gift of livelihood. Under NVC’s Project Joseph, Lanesra partnered with us to identify workers who could increase their income if they were provided a much-needed but unaffordable tool of their trade.

On December 23, 2017, NVC turned over 9 motorized fishing boats, 6 pedicabs, 2 sets of cooking tools, and 1 set of carpnetry tools to residents in a shoreline community close to Bacolod City.

Lanesra Foundation’s Project Joseph recipients

The recipients are as follows:

Fishing Boats:

  1. Reggie Guinsatao
  2. Jovan Anuales
  3. Greggy Guevarra
  4. Gary Villaluna
  5. Richard Suela
  6. Roland Malacad
  7. Arnold Malacad
  8. William Montero
  9. Elmer Gania


  1. . Mark Anthony Dechilla
  2. Kaddy Ramirez
  3. Michael Alex
  4. Bogart Dechilla
  5. Gina Ocampo
  6. Noli Villa

Cooking Tools:

  1. Joy Longno
  2. Mary Ann Tumpag

Carpentry Tools:

  1. Isidro Lanaza Jr.

More about Lanesra Foundation

Lanesra Foundation, Inc. is a Manila-based charity that focuses on empowering people to help themselves through skills training, provision of tools to make a living, early childhood education, and scholarship. Lanesra has also been doing relief activities during natural calamities. While its main activities are centered in the Philippines, it has also supported development work in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Kenya, and other developing countries. Its website is at For more information, email [email protected]


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