LoveBags and love letters

LoveBags and love letters

Reprinted from the Visayan Daily Star. See original article

More than 200 volunteers of all sizes and ages gathered to pack 1,500 LoveBags for the Negrense Volunteers for Change at the SM City Bacolod’s Activity Center Saturday. The bags filled with school supplies will be sent to children of indigenous minority communities who walk kilometers to school through hills, valleys and rivers, NVC president Millie Kilayko said.

The volunteers, coming from a variety of jobs or enrolled in different schools, packed the bags with thousands of notebooks and writing pads, pencils, glue, rulers, scissors, crayons and colored paper.


NVC’s young ambassador Abram Bisuña called the event one of the biggest days of his life. He turned over a P90,000 check to NVC representing funds he collected from children and adults, enough to provide 120 children with LoveBags.


Fifty-eight of the LoveBags from 20 grade five pupils from a Swiss village school came with handwritten love letters from their little donors.

When we received a donation of 58 Love Bags from 20 grade five students from a school in Switzerland, it came with handwritten love letters from the donors. These were brought to Bacolod by Andy Rissi, the brother the students’ teacher, Christine Zysset. Since the Rissi family were still in town, we asked them to personally stuff the letters into the bags. The group of four, which included Mara, Sandra and Lillian, ended up enlisting themselves doing their share at Work Station 1 of the volunteers’ assembly line!

Kilayko thanked SM City Bacolod and Nep Garrido Grandea for the partnership, and the donors – Balsam Hill employees in the USA, school children in Switzerland, a cartoonist in the Philippines, and a big bunch of loving hearts who donated the LoveBags.

The second LoveBag packing event will be held in June, she added.

Five-year-old volunteers Morgan Benares, Vincent Acuyong, and Saulo Inigo

The Engineering Department of University of St. La Salle was the biggest volunteer group at the event.
Volunteers Sophie Abaya, Trina and Tyra Ascalon, with Trisha Ascalon (front) and NVC President Millie Kilayko
The Beagle Moms Fretzie Analucas, Bugsy Lopez Bongco, and Ana Abaya with NVC Ambassador Abram Bisuna and NVC President Millie Kilayko
Volunteer Sam Golez
Tay Tung High School volunteers


Youth Empowering Youth Initiative volunteers


Volunteers from the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants can always be counted on


NVC Foundation is all heart!


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