Johnians for Mingo

Johnians for Mingo

Though the school grounds of St. John’s Institute may be empty these days, some students made sure to come over. What were they up to? They came to drop off their contributions for very a special fundraiser!

Thanks to these generous youngsters, 23 little children will be enrolled in the Mingo Meals Nutrition Program. For the next six months these children will receive a daily Mingo Meal. Our data shows that children enrolled in the Mingo Meals Nutrition Program show a marked increase in their weight. The mothers also observe an improvement in their children’s intellectual and social behavior.

The young donors range from Grades 4 to 10 and come from The Confucian Circle, English Enthusiasts, Agham Science Club, Filipino Club, Johnian Post, Robotics Club, and Johnian Youth Servants of St John’s Institute. Thank you very much for your kindness! It is clear that Concern for Others, one of the school’s core values, has truly been instilled in you.

A special shout-out goes to Benjamin Dorris for coordinating with NVC on behalf of the students.


Thank you very much for helping us fill hungry little tummies!