Help from Singapore travels to the Ata Manobo tribe in the mountains of Mindanao

Help from Singapore travels to the Ata Manobo tribe in the mountains of Mindanao

Dakol Lagboy’n Salamat, Web In Travel. “Much love and thanks,” these children of the Ata Manobo tribe in Taguango, Kapalong, Davao del Norte are saying. The joy in their faces define the gratitude behind those words.

Web in Travel raised US$20,000 at their 2018 travel conference in Singapore to build 4 classrooms, and provide backpacks filled with school supplies, and slippers for the indigenous Ata Manobo children in the mountains of Davao del Norte, Mindanao.

In the school year that just passed, these kids would walk two kilometers each way and swim through a wide river (if they had no Php 10 for a ride on a raft) each day they went to school. But Web In Travel (WiT), a group of travel industry practitioners who convene in Singapore annually, raised funds at their 2018 conference to provide them four classrooms (seen in the background), which opened its doors when classes resumed this June, right in their own village! (Read how WiT raised US$ 20,000 at their 2018 fundraising auction)

And when the kids walked into their brand-new classrooms yesterday, there were Love Bags filled with a years’ worth of school supplies on their seats and brand new slippers for feet that most of the time walk bare.

These may seem like little for city folk but for these kids on top of the mountain, they are on top of the world with joy. Thank you for this, WiT.

Three of 257 children enrolled in the Mingo Meals nutrition program sponsored by funds raised at the WiT charity auction. The nutrition program kicked off in one of their brand-new village classrooms, and look: they’re also sporting new colorful LoveBags filled with school supplies. (Look how close they want to be to the bags, they wouldn’t even put them on the floor).