154 indigenous children enrolled in 6-month Mingo feeding program

154 indigenous children enrolled in 6-month Mingo feeding program

A total of 154 children from the indigenous Tala-andig tribe in Mindanao are off to a brighter, healthier start this 2018, having been enrolled in NVC’s 6-month feeding program. The participants, aged 6 months to 12 years, will be given daily Mingo Meals, NVC’s proven food supplement consisting of rice, moringa (malunggay), and mung beans (monggo).

In the remote Kitanglad mountain range of Bukidnon, Mindanao, the ancestral domain of the Tala-andig children, malnutrition is high because there are such few livelihood opportunities for their parents.

Feeding program beneficiaries in Sitio Mapawa, Lantapan, Bukidnon, located in the Kitanglad mountain range

Sponsored by Web in Travel

This feeding program is part of a donation of over US$24,000 raised at the Web in Travel (WIT) conference held in Singapore last October 2017. The annual WIT Conference has been running for 13 years and is the largest online travel conference in Asia-Pacific. Since 2008, it has included a charity auction as a part of the conference.

For 2017, NVC Foundation was WIT’s “charity of choice,” the sole beneficiary of funds raised at the auction. Conference attendees also made personal donations and bought NVC products during the event.

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Besides the feeding program, the donation will also fund the construction of a daycare center and the provision of Love Bags for School Kids, sturdy backpacks filled with a year’s worth of school supplies. These will all benefit the Tala-andig tribe of Bukidnon.

Project Launch

To kick off the feeding program on January 11, 2018, NVC’s field officer, Jessie Lachica, trekked up Mt. Kitanglad with boxes of Mingo. He gathered the community to explain the benefits of Mingo, teach parents how to prepare the food supplement, and have all the participants give it a try.

NVC field officer Jessie Lachica introduces Mingo to the community and makes sure he gets the parents’ buy-in.
Mingo is prepared by dissolving the powdered food supplement in water to make a filling porridge or drink, depending on what the child prefers.
NVC stresses the importance of parental involvement in our feeding program. The parents take home the children’s supply of Mingo Meals and feed it daily at home.
Web in Travel’s recipient community is so remote that the boxes of Mingo had to be hand-carried through rough terrain to reach them.


During the 6-month period, NVC monitors the weight of beneficiaries each month to check how they’re doing. Doing this also lets us know that their parents are giving them their daily dose of Mingo.

Older kids are usually excited to take part in weighing
…but babies can be quite tricky!

After the launch, the recipients are ready to take their packs of Mingo home to begin the feeding program and start each day right with fuller tummies and bodies fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Many thanks, Web in Travel and the Art for Good charity auction!

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