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Mingo Meals

Mingo Meals: An Overview

NVC Foundation manufactures Mingo, a nutritious, instant food powder that turns into a rich porridge when mixed with water. Mingo’s power ingredients? Moringa (malunggay in Filipino), rice, and mung beans (monggo). It is the staple item in our 6-month nutrition program, Start Right, Live Bright, which provides Mingo daily to children aged 6-30 months in deprived communities, giving them the nutrients needed for optimal growth and development.

Because of its convenience and nutritional value, Mingo has also gained popularity as emergency food in disaster relief operations and has been used to feed victims of disasters in the Philippines. Mingo is now also used for long-term relief. The United Nations estimates that 1.5 million children are in danger of malnutrition as a result of being evacuated, or parents’ losing their livelihood because of Typhoon Haiyan. More

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